What is Girl Versus Tights?

Thanks for visiting my little site!

Girl Versus Tights is my attempt to reject the evils of the corporate world and embrace the creative streak that I have neglected for too long.

I’m hoping the practice I get here might lead to some paid work down the line.

Basically this blogging site is (or will be) a bit of a mish-mash of writing and blogging across various topics and styles while I work out what feels right. Please forgive any dodgy attempts at writing or site customisation while I get my head round this malarkey again. It has been a while since I undertook a creative writing project or indeed website design.

I will probably start off with subjects that interest me or are relevant to my everyday life, then when I have more time to research new topics I hope that the writing will become a bit more cerebral. I have myriad of interests and also qualifications across three different disciplines, so no doubt they will all feature in time.

The point of this blog is to challenge myself, but hopefully have fun doing it.

Accordingly, if there is something that you would like to see me write about, please get in touch.